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Prototype Party 2022-2023

On January 23rd 2023 the Prototype Party took place, ending in a celebratory and fun way the 2022-2023 edition of the Da Vinci Project! The event was held in Hof van Cartesius, a circularly built workplace outside the university campus that hosts creative and sustainable entrepreneurs in Utrecht. The location, strictly connected to circular economy and sustainability, was familiar to the Da Vinci Project students, as their journey started in the same place in September 2022.

Students of the Da Vinci Project together with representatives of their stakeholders attending the Prototype Party.

During the 2022-2023 Da Vinci Project edition, three teams of students worked on challenges proposed by the industrial partners AkzoNobel, Evean and The New Fork. The projects were respectively focused on sustainable paint, healthcare and food integrity. During the Prototype Party, the students got to meet representatives of their stakeholders, and to illustrate their prototypes, i.e. a physical representation of the solution they designed to solve the stakeholder’s problem. Fervent discussions on how to implement the prototypes in real life took place, and feedback on the result of the Design Thinking process was provided.

Guests of the Prototype Party were not only the representatives of industrial partners, but also Design Thinking and sustainability experts Tess van Eeden and Carina Nieuwenweg. They were involved in assessing the progress of the students during the course and in providing them feedback on their initial prototypes. Participating to the Prototype Party was a way for them to see the results of the implementation by the students of their feedback.

The Prototype Party ended with snacks, drinks and celebratory moments! Check out the gallery for fun images of the release of the Da Vinci Project attendance certificates.