Partners of the Da Vinci Project

At the Da Vinci Project, we are very proud to work with ambitious partners in sustainability like the Ocean Cleanup, AkzoNobel and BASF. We are always looking for new partners with projects or ideas related to sustainability.

What can you expect as a partner? 

  • Innovative and creative ideas from students that are not stuck in the conventions of the commissioning organization.
  • 5 students working part-time on the problem. 

What do we require of partners? 

  • Come up with a broad problem related to sustainability, preferably one that can be viewed from various different perspectives.
  • Be available for the students for questions and interviews (especially in the beginning). 
  • Attending the Prototype Party, the festive closure of the project where the students present their final prototype. 

College Tour Speakers

Do you work on global sustainability challenges within industry or corporations and are you an expert in your field? Are you interested in sharing your expertise, experiences and viewpoints with students? Then we are looking for you as our next College Tour Speaker!

During the College Tour, a group of students will moderate a Q&A session and discussion with you, the expert, on sustainability-related topics in your field and the challenges or progress you foresee.


Please contact Hannie van Berlo-van den Broek ( to enquire about the possibilities of partnering up with the Da Vinci Project!

Partner Testimonials

“It’s really nice to be part of that process and to see the enthusiasm of those young people. I think it is important to contribute to education in this way. And also to introduce students to the business world.” – Jitte Flapper, AkzoNobel

I think it was an overall really positive experience. And I’m excited that we get to continue and I foresee a strengthening of the collaborative parts of it with the master’s program as well.” – Helen Wolter, The Ocean Cleanup

Working with students was an overall positive experience, communication was always fluid and clear. They are talented students really willing to help. I would highly recommend any company to join the Da Vinci Project and I hope our collaboration will last many years.” – Max Llahuet, Open Food Chain

Da Vinci Project Partners