Da Vinci Master Programme

The Da Vinci Master Programme is an immersive interdisciplinary learning experience on sustainability for students from the TU/e, WUR, UU & UMCU.

September 9th, 2024 – February 7th, 2025

Da Vinci Master Programme

Do you want to become a change maker who contributes to innovative solutions that make the world more sustainable? Do you want to get outside your comfort zone and work on real-life problems in an interdisciplinary innovation team? Do you want to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude of a sustainability changemaker? Then sign up for the Da Vinci Programme.

The Da Vinci Programme offers you an immersive learning experience that enables you to become a changemaker, a connector, and an innovator that contributes to the transition towards a sustainable world. In collaboration with private and public partners you will tackle real-life sustainability challenges. There are four challenges to choose from. 

In an interdisciplinary student team, you will work part time at a stakeholder’s (partner organization) location. All teams will be coached by supervisors from the partner organizations and by a mentor from university. During the programme you will be offered weekly workshops, supporting you in the process for solving the challenge. Through the workshops you will be trained in design thinkingsystems thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration. The mentor will support you in a personal development journey. There will also be additional educational activities, such as field trips, showcasing inspiring real-life examples of sustainability innovation.

This program is a collaboration between the Utrecht University Graduate School of Natural Science and the EWUU Alliance.

  • Semester 1 (SeptemberFebruary)
  • For Master students from TU/e, WUR, UU & UMCU
  • All disciplines are welcome
  • 20-weeks, full time
  • Study load is 30 ECTS
  • This course is in English
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In collaboration with external partners the Da Vinci Programme offers five challenges to choose from. When you sign up for this programme, you are required to submit a motivation for one of them.

  1. Towards a fossil free refinery in collaboration with ETCA & Shell
  2. Transition to animal free testing In collaboration with Unilever
  3. Encourage the sustainable disposal of counterfeited goods with REACT
  4. Make the energy transition work with VDL hydrogen systems.
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Why join?

After the Da Vinci Program you

  • will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to tackle sustainability challenges;
  • will get experience on interdisciplinary research, stakeholder management and other leadership skills;
  • will practice with creative thinking, building and testing prototypes and critical reflection;
  • will discover how you can add value to an interdisciplinary environment to solve complex problems;
  • will have gained in-depth knowledge on a specific sustainability issue.


Register for the programme from 3 June 2024. Registration deadline: 21st of June 2024

Registration link for TU/e and WUR students (EduXchange)

Registration link for UU and UMC Utrecht students (Osiris)

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Contact and information

If you wish to have more information, please join our online information meetings:

June 5th (17.00-18.00) & June 10th (16.30-17.30)

Hannah Thuijs: mdavinci@uu.nl