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What goes in the sink ends up in your drink – The Wind of Change

Painting can be a fun way to express our creativity, but it… read more

Towards supply chain transparency – The Flying Dutchies

The New Fork is a company focused on food integrity, that seeks… read more

Making healthcare greener – De Vrienden

Our challenge within the Da Vinci Project was to find a unique… read more

Citizen Scientists – Plastic Waste on Beaches – The Vitruvians

We joined The DaVinci project to gain experience in helping to create… read more

Solar Park on a Dike – PentaWave

In the municipality of Stichtse Vecht there is a biking path that… read more

Electrochemical CO2 Conversion – Carbon Motion

With our team Carbon Motion, we are working for Avantium, a company… read more

Sustainable Paint – The Green Coat

Our project from Akzo Nobel has been to investigate the decisions consumers… read more

Open Food Chain – IO Jamms

For the Da Vinci project, our team, IO Jamms, has been collaborating… read more

Preventing the Plastic Soup – Green Engine

In collaboration with the Ocean Cleanup, this group of students was asked… read more

Sustainability in Health Care – The Hulk

In collaboration with Evean, this group of students worked on improving the… read more

Reducing Chemical Waste – VARUK

In chemical labs, a lot of different chemical are bought and used.… read more

Circular Forest – Sunny Super Heroes

This project was centered around the circular forest that the Green Office… read more