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Frameboard session – Da Vinci Project

On the evening of Thursday, the 26th of October, a remarkable gathering took place. Participants of the Da Vinci program, along with the dedicated members of the teaching team, came together to share their passion for solving sustainability challenges. Despite challenging weather conditions, participants made their way to Bolognalaan, where most of the course sessions happen. There, they revealed a multitude of exciting ideas for their prototypes.

The evening was not just productive but filled with the spirit of creativity. Each group presented three unique frameboards with diverse strategies to solve the challenge. Some of these ideas were not only cost-efficient and ready for action, but they also stretched the boundaries of innovation and imagination. This perfectly aligns with the essence of the program, that aims not only to teach cost-efficiency but to promote forward- and design-thinking. The program’s mission is to nurture young minds, and help them develop with thinking outside the box, creative approach, and the courage to compose groundbreaking solutions, even if they seem out of reach at the moment. The students fully grasped this mission and showed their hard work and dedication.

The purpose of the Frame Board Session was also to prepare the participants for the upcoming Dragon’s Den event, where they will receive valuable feedback from field experts. Therefore, each team received constructive feedback from their peers and the teaching team. Students engaged in critical discussions about proposed solutions, leading to the identification of flaws and the realization of missing components in their ideas.

The frameboard session served as a wonderful opportunity for all students to celebrate each others’ progress throughout the programme. Participants shared ideas and

evaluated them from various perspectives, benefiting from multiple insights from both peers and the teaching team.

With the session now behind us, the students have been given several weeks to further develop their most promising solutions. The chosen solutions will be pitched during the Dragon’s Den event scheduled for the beginning of November.

This article has been written by Pola Marcińczak , Da Vinci Project 2023-2024 student