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Celebrating Sustainability: Da Vinci Honours Prototype Party

The culminating event of the DaVinci Honors program, the Prototype Party, took place on the 25th of January 2024. This grand celebration brought together all stakeholders, mentors, and students, marking the final presentation and ceremonious end to a transformative honors journey.

The event was the moment of celebration for all the participants of the programme. Starting at the beginning of September, team members took a role of sustainability consultants and strived to come up with innovative solutions that will solves problems pointed by the stakeholders. After the weeks of gaining knowledge through participation in Design Thinking Workshops and expanding perspectives during the College Tours with experts from various industries, students presented the results of their work in the forms of prototypes.

The Prototype Party was not just an ordinary gathering; it was a mix of innovation, dedication, and celebration. Here’s a glimpse into the event’s key moments:

1. Final Presentations:

Each team had the spotlight to showcase their sustainability prototype, accompanied by engaging presentations and posters. The event provided a platform for students to share their ideas on enhancing sustainability across various sectors, including the Utrecht Medical Center, Green Office, War Child office, and the municipality of Utrecht. All the participants of the programme, including stakeholders and the Da Vinci team could listen to the presentations and see how diverse the solutions turned out to be. It was inspiring to see various approaches towards the task and the results of fruitful group working process.

2. Interactive Discussions:

The Prototype Party was not only about presentations but also about fostering meaningful conversations. Students engaged with stakeholders and mentors in dynamic discussions, elaborating on the concepts behind their prototypes and exploring ways to implement sustainable practices in real-world scenarios. Some of the stakeholders expressed willingness to use the prototypes in their firms and organization, which was a great success and priceless award to the hard-working students.

3. Bittersweet Moments:

As the night progressed, a bittersweet sentiment filled the air. The Prototype Party marked the end of an enriching honors program, and attendees could not help but reflect on the incredible journey. The mix of joy and nostalgia created a unique energy as people celebrated the accomplishments while bidding farewell to an unforgettable chapter. The combination of good food and great company added a touch of warmth to the overall experience. All the participants of the Party engaged into meaningful conversations and discussions about sustainable solutions.

4. Wonderful Closure:

The Prototype Party served as a wonderful closure to the DaVinci Honors program. It encapsulated the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of sustainability that defines the essence of DaVinci Honors. The event showcased not only the prototypes but also the collective efforts and dedication of the students throughout the program. Students received their diplomas in an original way and headed to the final celebration moments.

Here’s to the success of the prototypes, the bonds formed, and the enduring legacy of the Da Vinci Honours program!

This article was written by Ada Adler and Pola Marcińczak, Da Vinci Project 2023-2024 students