Inspire Globally, Act Locally: A Roadmap to a Localized Sustainability – Green Berries

Year 2023
Partner War Child

Inspire Globally, Act Locally: A Roadmap to a Localized Sustainability – Green Berries

War Child, a renowned non-governmental organization, has long been dedicated to protecting the rights and well-being of children living in conflict zones, focusing on sustainable solutions and empowerment. In 2024, the organization is at the forefront of a transformative journey, with a spotlight on key priorities such as the Triple Nexus, Localization, and Climate Change Adaptation. War Child has identified a critical challenge centered on their employees’ awareness of climate change, important theme as its adverse effects on vulnerable populations such as children, women, and marginalized communities.

The Da Vinci team conducted extensive interviews and research to understand the specific experiences of employees with regards to the perception of climate change within War Child. This groundwork proved essential in formulating a roadmap that not only raises awareness but actively involves and provokes the employees of War Child to think about climate change from multiple new perspectives. Our proposal involves a three-step guideline:
-Educate: Implement interactive tools like the application “WorldRescue” and engaging workshops to equip children with knowledge about climate change and nature conservation.
-Listen: Gather firsthand information on children’s experiences with climate change, fostering a sense of community concern and providing valuable insights.
-Empower: Enlist youths in workshops and collaborations with local organizations focused on climate resilience, cultivating a climate-conscious workforce and reinforcing the importance of youth in community development.

This prototype not only aligns with the organizational values, such as a sense of purpose and community building, but also leverages external expertise through partnerships, reflecting a strategic approach to addressing climate change at the local level. This roadmap aims to position War Child as a changemaker in the sector and to help create a sustainable and resilient future for communities affected by conflict and climate change.

Team Green Berries presenting their prototype to a representative of War Child.