Solar Park on a Dike – PentaWave

Year 2021
Partner Water Authority de Stichtse Rijnlanden

In the municipality of Stichtse Vecht there is a biking path that connects two towns, Breukelen and Portegense Brug. Along the biking path there is a dike, and the inflow and outflow of water to the dike is controlled by a pumping station also located next to the bike path. This pumping station is managed by the Water Authority (Waterschap) which is our commissioning client. The Water Authority would like to install solar panels in the dike to supply energy to the pumping station; however, they are concerned about the safety of the dike and the response of the people of the towns to the implementation of the solar panels, as it might disturb the ‘Dutch landscape’. Our client asked us to ideate an interesting proposal that would excite the people of the towns without compromising the safety of the dike.